Would the real Cat Stevens please stand…story

Ron Vincent, a gentle, softly spoken man who sings with gusto and passion could be mistaken for the reincarnation of Cat Stevens when he reached his peak in the 70’s. With similar mannerisms and style, Ron has been playing Cat’s music in many venues on the Peninsula including Somers General Store, Rose GPO and Harba in Mornington to name a few.

It all began as a Father and Son experience. Ron’s father, a musician himself provided a strong musical grounding for Ron who started playing drums as an 8 year old. His drum teacher knew he had potential with a raw and natural talent and encouraged him to further his music. At the age of 14, a self-taught Ron picked up an acoustic guitar on holiday and has never looked back.

Mona Bone Jakon, an album Cat Stevens wrote after a near death experienced with TB, really resonated with Ron and when he first saw him on the BBC when he was 24, he was memorised by his look and music.

Ron who has great respect for Cat Stevens said, “I connect with his music and suits my vocal range. I enjoy singing so much I never get sick of it.”

“I believe I’m not impersonating Cat Stevens, I feel I’m a messenger of his music and feel I have a profound duty to help his music live on in people’s hearts by bringing my audience closer to him in soul and spirit,” Ron said.

Ron’s vision is to continue to give children and adults the opportunity to listen and engage with the music of a great artist.
Pictured: Debra interviewing Ron, in awe of his work.

Words by Debra Mar
June 2013, RPPFM Radio.​